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Exclusive SUMMARY AND JUDICIAL X - CASE Marc Dutroux

By Juan Lankamp  Researcher
Communications Director NECIC Div. Area

Welcome to this  article here   Case Marc Dutroux allegedly pederast who worked as a supplier of boys and girls for the European elite and other major agencies. 

 I advise you to see it all in stride and study it slowly. Marc Dutroux case bursts into the 90s when it appears in the press that the Belgian serial murderer had confessed to working for a powerful elite. The victims of the initial case are: Julie Lejeune, Mélissa Russo, An Marchal and Eefje Lambrecks. The only survivors of the case are Sabine Dardenne and Laetitia Delhez. During the investigation of the case of Marc Dutroux there were many mistakes in the investigation, so it is suspected that the case was sabotaged because elements were involved in high positions of power ..

One of the "errors" committed the police occurred on December 13, 1995, in the record of Marc Dutroux's house for an issue of car theft and happened again six days later. In those days, girls Melissa Russo and Julie Jejeune still alive.

Social frustration and anger at seeing so many mistakes research and that justice was deceiving people made ​​a demonstration in White Match, with 300,000 marching through the streets of Brussels convened.

The judge opened the original cause of Marc Dutroux case, called Jean Marc Cornnerotte, broke to mourn before the media when he had to describe the armored cars and armed bodyguards protecting a dark and powerful personalities.

Also when he continued to cry as she described them as police had warned him and other judges involved in the case who had hired gunmen to kill them.

The judge believed that the mafia was taking power at that issue and that they were covering up for people of great power at that time.

As you have seen in this case they passed weird and strange things. The opinion I have of this is that here satanic rituals taking place in Amerois Castle, a castle linked to Illluminati is concealed. This is also said under oath of a judge one of the main witnesses in the case Marc Dutroux: Regina Louf.


The official version says that Dutroux acted alone. But there are many indications that it was he who facilitated the satanic children they used in their rituals and orgies elite. And this would be included European royalty.

The fact is that according to various studies, Dutroux acted not only in Belgium but also in the rest of the Netherlands and who had also lived in Holland and Maastricht, almost on the border with Germany. He was associated with an event called "Tanja Groen", 18, ​​who disappeared in Maastricht.

He is also related to what was known as "Pinks Ballets", an organization that attended the festivities organized VIPs in Belgium, and people who came of European royalty. You may still remain active.

In 2012 the deputy Laurent Louis takes in the Belgian parliament the issue of Marc Dutroux, publicly accusing Elio di Rupo, the Belgian prime minister at the time, to be involved in the plot pedophile Dutroux.

Everything indicates that Dutroux was a scapegoat, and that was possibly the only provider of elites. Michel Nihoul, a businessman and mobster with more weight on the subject Dutroux said in 2001 in the magazine Der Spiegel. "I control the government. ... Everyone has the records to engage each other, to be used as a lever in the right situation. ... This is the Belgian disease. ... "(..)

This plays an important role "snuff movies" movies are shot in satanic rituals and then sell them on the black market for a hefty sum of money.

What did the Belgian monarchy and the government? Everything indicates that they were involved in the plot, because the former king of Belgium, Albert, became involved and came out in the press. This greatly undermined the Belgian monarchy, as it was common knowledge that he was covering up for pedophile plot.

We publish here a list of all those involved in the plot.

Translation complete list brought to light by Anonymous pedophile Dutroux case assumptions (Belgium):

Link: Magouilles, corruption et pedophilia, the Belgian ingrédients them politique? »Blog of Laurent Louis

List of suspects in the Dutroux case, in alphabetical order, (Note: the dimensions "X1, X2, etc. refer to the codename of what / as witnesses in the case)

Agnessens Judge Mons, implicated in cases of sex. No condemnation of pedophiles or released very quickly. Condemns Dutroux, Martin and Van Peteghem misdemeanor had priate realemnte trafficking offenses and violations with recidivism - February 1986 - The magistrate appeared in the case of the "Ballets roses" next to Prince Albert, children and providers. (Note by the translator:.. The affair of the "Ballets roses" refers to cases of sexual orgies organized by adults with children In France in 1959 there were many convicts also occurred in Belgium in the early 70Affaire des ballets roses (1959 ) - Wikipedia)

Albert II, King frequented the Dolo, alias Atrébates club. Nihoul himself denounced by Antonino Costa. Insider trading for Fortis. Protected by Albert Raes former head of State Security, recently bothered (Translator's note: this refers to uncomfortable or persecuted for justice See the section "controversy" in Wikipedia. Google Translate). Most likely involved in a pedophile ring with girls from a home where Antonini, father of Fiona and Milla girls working. Themselves suffered in this network (girls dressed as brides).

X3 recognized as a participant in these evenings. They requested with Operation Kipofor, during which he was entrusted seven CD-ROM of Zandvoort. The investigation was closed due to "unknown perpetrators", after which they were stolen CD-ROMS. King said not to intervene on the theft of the CD-ROM that had been entrusted due to the "separation of powers".

He has not granted a royal pardon rather than a conviction - Marcel Vervloesem - based on an incomplete dossier. Involved in some bankruptcies, of which certainly was holding Fortis shares they were sold by Maurice Lippens (besides their own). From there, bought a villa with jetty on the sea for their yacht and a value of 25 million euros is given, and the (old) Belgian Congo Mobutu bought the villa.

His list of appointments of ministers of state and other noble titles comprising a majority of pedophile.

Prince Alexandre, son of King Leopold III and Liliane de Réthy, castle of Argenteuil. X2 was there to accompany Levy, a Jew known in Eindhoven, X2 says that nothing happened there (?) But his wife, Princess Paris, said in an interview that he had strange habits. He committed suicide leaving a note with 29 names of pedophiles, among other Dejemeppe, two substitutes, Alain Lemasson, gendarmerie commander Colonel Charleroi, himself and the Austrian princess Stéphanie of Windisch-Graetz. He was convicted of the rape of two children. Castillo sold by the Belgian state in 2002 to an individual, Jean Marie Delwart.

Bernard Anselme, and politician involved in Inusop Sotegec case, forgery and use of forgery. Mayor of Namur.

Antoine Joseph. Director of Public Instruction and Fine Arts appears in 1989 in a complaint pedophilia School Eburons on children 6 to 12 years. It is he who organized these games with Thielemans, mayor of Brussels today ... You will not be clarified until 05/25/1992. Others did sing: Hurtmans, Monens ....

Roberto Antonini pedophile grandfather of Fiona and Milla children, who enjoy high protection in the region of Mons Borinage. Dealer fakes, and others. It has managed to condemn the mother of small and separate from it (Maria Pia Maoloni). He put his granddaughters in a classified secret pedophile network status.

Rocco Antonini Milla girls' father and Fiona, a social worker in a children's home retarded some of which are in the same network. Other members of this family are in this traffic, as a woman director of an association of child placement of judges ... (NT:. Is the judges who decide where they will be housed children in the original: "dont directrice une femme d'une association of placements d'enfants des juges .... "See also Billot Jeanine in this list)

Michael Aquino, lieutenant colonel, major role in psychological warfare military level, pedophile, brainwashing, Satanism, Nazism, homosexual and murderer. Inventor of "Monarch" program whose basis is the use of the subject by use of extreme sex, Satanism, murder, causing multiple identities. Advisor Western Europe for heads of American staff.

Assurance Royale Belge (Belgian real security) involved in the Dutroux affair and Dohy for car traffic which recovered roughly a year more than 50,000 euros.

They are covering for pedophiles off allowing these facts for the benefit of their shenanigans security.

Baert prosecutor pedophile protector Van Den Bossche, in exchange for lower ...

René Bats born in 30, pedophile, captain. - Regina Louf - JP Dumont friend, two cases that depend on the military prosecutor.

Bayens Christian magistrate in Nivelles, born in 28, pedophile, Castiaux friend, participate in orgies with minors in the notary Nassaux in Waterloo.

Vincent Baert, fiscal, condemns Biefnot only 10 months detention extension and dissemination of pedophile cassettes! Protectionism!

Beaupain judge that placed children in the home "mamy children" - pedophilia (NT, see Billot Jeanine)

Beaurir, general of the gendarmerie involved in Pinon (Ballets Roses) case. Eurosystèmre Fortunato Israël et Hospitalier. Opus Dei. Involved in "Murderers of Brabant Wallon." And lesser-known names, also involved: Poncelet, Marbaix, Depaus, Gombert, Mievis, Maquet, Pattyn, Trotsaert, Galetta, Fievez, Fastrez Gerard Lhost former colonel of gendarmerie, Chang and Grigniez.

To our knowledge, an important dossier is deposited President Londers (resigned) and its successor, De Jonghe d'Ardoye for this case and other adjacent.

Beneux Philippe, police commissioner, distorts the minutes of hearing (NT: In the original "pv d'auditions" verbal process hearing) of the Nihoul family saw the pool of Bertrix and never gave up. Threatened

Jean Pierre Baron Berghmans, Lhoist Group of Limelette. Member of the Tripartite Commission. (See Noble when it was made? Circle Lorraine? Front National? Bilderberg?)

Béroudiaux Dominique, born in 54 lives in Valmont Castle is 2.5 km from the home of Michelle Martin! Satanic ceremonies in the haunted castle by Di Rupo and Jean Pierre Grafe former Walloon minister from 80/81. Ferbus owner. This, Bosquion David born in 75.

Bervoets Bert Socialist mayor of Malines. Suffocates the case of episcopal ring Danneels. No continuity to the young boy thief.

Bettens doctor, loving wife of the psychiatrist André Pinon, Josiane Jeuniau. The 08/30/1979 is discovered the history of the Ballets Roses by the confession of this woman. VIPs, including a senior state security.

Billot Jeanine, born in 38, ran a children's home, Auderghem ground floor of 223 "Children of Mamy". The president, Philippe Delleuze. Three judges placed there children: Kennes, Waeterschoot and Beaupain.

Paul Blondeel, counselor (or adviser) in the Court of Appeal of Brussels, Fortisgate involved in the case.

Roger Boas, case Eurosystem Hospital and Fortunato Israël, arms dealer (not true Pinon), is found administrator Asco in Zaventem (zoning) recognized by Regina Louf place for snufmovies shot. Guests exterior shot, signed contracts with Boas. Palomas. This man obtained a defense contract for armored vehicles by 24 billion, Vanden Boeynants is Defense Minister Xavier Magnée thief is the 3rd of this transaction. He will defend Boas.

Jacques Boël associated with all related families Lippens (see). In 1968, his first wife gave birth to Delphine Boel, daughter of Albert II. This helps to understand links with pedophile royal. The Walloon Region intervenes to "clean" industrial wasteland created by Boël.

150 million. (In Louvière)

Micky Boël Gotha, appears in 62-74 involved in crimes of pedo-criminality. Frequents the Opus Dei and Baron Daniel Janssen. Related to the Lippens

Boël Framboise, Manager Optimistan

Bonmariage Paula, wife of Michel Georis, both pedophiles. President of a group of missionaries RFCA. (Human Trafficking?) Sister magistrate Jean Hubert Bonmariage pedophile.

Bonmariage Jean Hubert, Judge pedophile, his sister is Paule Bonmariage. Georis (NT, you should refer to Georis Michel, husband of his sister Paula). Or magistrate Herve Verviers. It would be important character of a flourishing trade sales of pedophile cassettes and certainly movies.

Paul Bonacci, neo Nazi pedophile and Satanism contact the Monarch program

Marie Cécile Bonvoisin wife of Count d'Ursel, pedophile and conman

Benoît Bonvoisin, Baron, born in 39. See issue Bonvoisin contact the massacres of Brabant. It will rise against Baets researcher Neuchâteau. Nihoul be his right arm. Recognized by Regina Louf, pedophile, Nihoul band. Orgies, murders, especially in hunting (hunting, children) - Work in Sabena - frequents Castle Eindhoven. Called the black baron.

He met VDB well to have been placed by him on the head CEPIC. He stood against the Belgian State Security, the secret service has only been independent at this time managed by former judge Albert Raes. X2 known.

Daniel Bonvoisin, of, school administrator Merveilleux Vander Elst, pedophile

Pierre Alexandre Bonvoisin, Opus Dei and pedo-criminality?

Jacques de Borchgrave, nobility, baron, husband of Sheri Heller, participating in orgies. Psychopath. Trieu in Courrières Castle near Namur.

Bourlée lawyer Paul Nivelles, acting magistrate, born in 29, pedophile, haunting Castle Eindhoven, was at a party with underage in the notary Nassaux in Waterloo. It has a second home in Faulx les Tombes Castle near Seilles, Delhaye Françoise husband. Participates in hunting parties near Profondeville. He lives in Gesves.

Brabant Jean-Marie, a lieutenant colonel in the BSR, chief De Baets, he stops and puts obstacles in the time of Dutroux investigation. All lies. At the time of the Dutroux case, replacing the commander of the BSR. Responsible for the disappearance of 5,000 ecstasy pills found in the hands of Nihoul, after Lelievre, Dutroux. Representing half a million units sold on the day after the abduction of Laetitia Delhez ...

Braecq called Braecq Baron, former judge of the juvenile court in Bruges, head of "Home Carolientje" and responsible for the collection of funds for the Protection of Children.

Broqueville Thierry, Count, forgery and use of false documents (wife = Alcantara)

Raymond Brose Head of the Judicial Police of Liege, Cools cell responsible for maneuvering against Connerotte charge of investigations on Stolen Securities and murder of Minister Andre Cools. Two of its inspectors accompanied Connerotte in Sicily to question two witnesses who ask preserve their identity. Back in Belgium these two inspectors gave their names directly in the media.

Annie Bruynooghe lawyer and judge also always protects and frees pedophiles.

Bulthé Bruno, Brussels prosecutor Involved in Tueche and Dutroux affair.

Francis Burstin, Chief of Staff of the European Parliament invited by Serge Moureaux a pedophile orgies Castle Faulx les Tombes

Minister Philippe Busquin (6 times) European Commissioner, arrested in connection with the case Inusop

Vincent Cambier, tax, has not requested a file instead of Dutroux bis. Pedophile or manipulated, because this record is a bomb at the level of the notable and noble people involved by witnesses. The prosecutor spoke Bourlet a protective network; idea was not followed by Jacques Langlois, judge more or less shady schemes.

Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer, Baron, in honor committee of IRSA Institute deaf dumb and blind. The institute purchased the adjacent castle. It seems that it is he who formed Child Focus, he is the president. His beautiful daughter looked after the children of those who suffered abuse found (traces of torture). Then he passed control of Child Focus to Jean Louis Lejeune, as director. He is currently president of the Ardh ​​that rescues castles with pedophile connotations (see)

Richard Carlier won (or gained) 500,000 fb (BEF) of Smap (alias Ethias) to intervene in a process in 2004

Philippe Carpentier, former sworn translator at the court in Brussels, founder of CRIES, under UNICEF, international pedophile network concerning 18 countries, ex-lover murdered pastor Douce.

Castiaux Olivier was born in 53, lawyer Nivelles, pedophile lover X2; organizes parties in a villa near the Woluwe, a swimming pool, a member of the Rotary Club. Meet Wilfried Martens. He keeps his secretary and daughter of this. At 88 he went to Lyon, USA, Singapore, sociologist at the CRNS they said. Also in Australia.

Caters to family born of the famous Belgian aviator, one of whom lives in the castle of Schilde members, the whole family would be a member of this band pedocriminal recognized by Regina Louf and Somers. They are in the Circle of Lorraine! Justice usher says.

Philippe de Caters, owner of Castle Kattenhof

Caters Patrick, Baron, Castle Kattenhof, pedophile, member, vice president of the Circle of Lorraine, friend Davignon, Philippe de Chimay, Prince, Jean Pierre de Launoit, Elio Di Rupo and Aldo Vastapane.

Professor Etienne Cerexhe, Doctor of Laws, born in 31, made ​​baron by the king in 2009, he holds a seat on the arbitration court judge emeritus and then senator. PS chief of staff. Honorary Consul in Namur. Father Benoît Cerexhe, current minister, who is the friend of Charles Picqué. In the system called pedocriminal.

Prince Charles of Belgium, pedophile, participates in the evenings, renowned for X3.

Kamiel Charlier, head of CIPAL, "Computer Centre of the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg" government agency in charge of public services via the Internet. He get organized with pimp prostitutes delivering 2 or € 3,000 each, and young children.

Olivier Chastel, Minister Martine involving Judge Michel Taminiaux and then gives up. Do you threaten, manipulations? If so, Michel is in the network. In charge of the case De Paepe Jimmy involved in a drug trafficking and murder.

Chevaller ie (of the) Amaury, born in 33, substitute Nivelles, pedophile friend Castiaux, known X2.

Philippe de Chimay, Count and Countess, pedophiles, participate in the evenings Castiaux in Woluwé St Lambert. Hunting human prey (kids) on your property.

Chomé, shyster, probably in the system. His wife is Nicole Galand, judge in the court of Mons, cabinet Galand (?)

Willy Claes, Minister, born on the 38th of Hasselt, secretary of mutuality, pedophile, political, X3 recognized as a participant in the evenings. Musician and conductor at the beginning, politician, member of the Flemish Socialist Party minister of state in 1983, Minister of Economic Affairs, secretary general of NATO in the 94 and 95, resigned at the time of issue of corruption Agusta where he will be convicted 3-year extension. In 2007 Minister consulted by the king to exit the crisis.

Cleeren, fiscal, canceled records accusation of pedophilia, among others, Palms President of the Court of Hasselt, accused of pedophilia.

Cléthy of Clement dishonest lawyer, loud in court, his uncle Van Ypersele, Chief of Staff of the King.

Defense Minister Guy Coëme involved the Agusta case, all those involved are pedophile. No trace of this practice at home Coëme curiously. A deeper.

Guy Collignon, a member of the Judicial Police of Brussels, the libertine club frequented Le Dolo, presence of children in their car Alfa Romeo. It dealt with the case of Christine Van Hees, homicide champignonnière, calm parents and promoted quickly. (NT: Christine Van Hees was a 16-year-old whose body was found charred in a Champignonnière, had been tortured and raped)

Colson Pierre, Brussels police inspector, was aware of the recesses (NT: something hidden) and Dutroux, accused the judge Doutrew negligence. Crux?

Commissioner, Deputy Knokke at 83, pedophile.

André Cools, assassinated Minister. Agusta involved in the case, Connerotte and Bourlet instructed the case, then have been removed (1994). For the Nihoul network. Several members of his cabinet were suspected of having financed his murder, including Van Der Biest who committed suicide (or was suicide)

Arthur Cools, child psychiatrist doctor, who wanted to ignore the problems of children treated at his clinic "Good Engels" and who were in the brothels in the Netherlands.

Bob Cools, mayor of Antwerp, which prohibits information and other brochures in Antwerp when the issue broke clinic "Good Engels"

Coppieters' t Wallant Roland, Coroner, born in the 36 trafficked Raemaekers acknowledges being a pedophile. Member of "La Compagnie du Libiki" asbl (NT: non-profit association) would have their activities in Zaire and Ghana. Meet Bats. Member of the PS and the Circle of Nations, a member of Rotary and Lion's Club. I frequents Patrick Meeus d'Argenteuil, a company associated with street Montoyer 35.

Philippe Courard, member of the House of Representatives, Secretary of State for Social Affairs, Cabinet André Flahaut and Willy Taminiau, involved in the case of Carolorégienne, close (or close) to Di Rupo.

Cosyns Paul, clinical psychiatrist Good Engels denounced by Marcel Vervloesem for denying the abuse clinic.

Creteur Philippe, a friend of Nihoul, a journalist with La Derniere Heure, a friend of Eric Van de Weghe. He x months imprisonment with this friend. If a friend of Nihoul, pedophile, at least in the System.

Crokaert, Waterloo doctor, denounced by women of Pinon for their participation in the Ballets Roses. His wife committed suicide, Christine Doret said was a murder.

Croÿ, Princess accuses honest activists like Glatz (CIDE) Lavachery (Dignaction) and many others, openly and publicly stated that some people have the Zandvoort cassettes in order to discredit and endanger them. Protect the nobility and royalty, in fact, has never said a word about this pedophile sector. He has managed to divert Marcel Vervloessem and has all the records of the latter. In contact with pedophiles in the System.

Cudell Guy, see Record Bis. Received by Karawizan in Leignon Castle, which shares the castle Defosset - Deceased pedophile and FM.

Dalons judge, protector of the family Tagliafferro (scrap, traffic Dutroux)

Baron Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer, banker BBL, chief of staff of the Economic Community, and other securities, Child Focus, in 1999 as manager. Baron made ​​in 1998. Order of Leopold II. Solvay Marina husband.

Cardinal Danneels, bishop. Records at home and in the church were made; Play the innocent, but the result of the autopsy of Julie and Mélissa and the Dutroux case were in his hands! Is Lichtbuer friend! IRSA Institute administrator (with Davignon)

In September 1996 Primate of the kingdom, he apologized to the victims of pedophile priests on television. It is known that he is involved, it seems, in the death of Julie and Mélissa small and allegations of pedophilia against him were processed. Bleached. What it is less well known: in 1990 lost his episcopal ring. A young man tries to resell it at a jewelry Malines, the police find him. He would have found the ring in private apartments Danneels. Subject hidden, no persecution. Bert Bervoets mayor of Malines (?)

Danneels asked that King Baudouin I of Belgium is elevated to sainthood (?)

Both are of Opus Dei.

Accused by Mahieu - deputy - having attended the death of the little Julie and Mélissa. Mahieu is part of a Lodge of Ghent wanted to prevent Danneels was in the nominations to be Pope. If this story is not true, why Mahieu went to Rome to meet with Ratzinger? The Baron de Bonvoisin accompanied him to better monitor you and counter their statements against Danneels. One of the twelve people attending the death of Julie and Mélissa small.

Judge Marcel Danze pedophile

José Daras Walloon Transport Minister Vincent Georis protector for intervening in court. (Against wife Ronite Bitton).

Viscount Etienne Davignon, nobleman named by the king. Opus Dei, Circle Lorraine Bilderberg administrator (with Danneels, of Launoit and others) IRSA, driveway Waterloo Uccle. Grey Street certainly, clandestine prostitution on the bis dossier. In relation to the lawyer appearing Genevois if Benaïssa. Also present in orgies with minors Cromwell hotel in Knokke, with Delvoie, Karel de Gucht, Lippens, Van Geluwe (Court of Appeal of Brussels). Vice President of the European community, director of the Banque Generale, representative of Belgium in the European Community, diplomatic immunity.

He has been director of Kissinger Associates and friend of Henry Kissinger.

Present in orgies Cromwell Hotel in Knokke. Also in the hotel Memling Knokke 2 Lippens, Karel. Eindhoven haunts the castle. 2.000fb (NT: BEF) per person. No doubt the castle belonging to the Solvay Amerois. Ert created Société of the 49 Belgian major trading companies. Extreme right.

Member of the Tripartite Commission, in the direction of Suez Electrabel (Society untaxed and threatening to Brussels Airligne based expatriate whether to continue paying taxes).

Stefaan De Clerck Minister of Justice case covers Cindy, kidnapped and abused for a month. In 1998 he received Rainer Wolf, brother of Manuel Schadewald disappeared in Germany - Wold is then owner of a sado-masochism brothel in Berlin -. It has protected Dutroux. He resigned at the time of his escape. Denial of networks

Willy De Clerck Minister of State recognized by X 2 and X 3 nobleman Count made ​​in 2006 by Albert II. Meeting between him and Bouhouche, Goal, Philippe Moureaux, Wilfried Martens, Vanden Boeynants, Jean Michel Nihoul, and Karel Delvoye.

Cockère wife of Nihoul, pedophile, as shown at the time of pedophilia in Eburons school with Philippe Nihoul and Deleuze, lawyer. It was home secretary Roxanne. (Transsexual)

De Coster Patrick Coroner for pedophilia problems in some schools in Brussels rejects any control despite complaints.

Peter De Crem Minister of Defence denounced by Louis de Jonghe

Herman De Croo Minister of State involved in Inusop. In the system.

Dedoncker Pierre, notary, pedophile, PS Brussels alderman cover (lid) acts of pedophilia Eburons School. VDB friend.

Francois Xavier de Donnea Minister of State, Mayor, stifles pedophilia scandal Eburons school. Bultot woman working in his cabinet. Denounced by Nihoul in the case of Julie and Melissa. Pedophile, he attended orgies Castle Faulx les Tombes. In his cabinet also he worked to women Pinon, blue ballets, with children brought by a juvenile court judge of Nivelles (NT:. Bleus blue ballets or ballets refers to sexual orgies organized by adults at the expense of boys. becomes the equivalent of the ballets roses where abused girls)

Defosset Leon, Minister co-owner of Leignon Castle, currently belonging to Karaziwan. It is also mayor of Etterbeek and manages the castle Faulx-les-Tombes ... Creating a SPRL (NT: Private Limited Liability Company) directed by Michel Timmermans brother of municipal councilor of social action. Serge Moureaux, administrator before SPRL 1973 to 1986, ballets roses in the castle. His nephew, Jonaert Didier has occupied the Radio Activité Nihoul. Invited by Serge Moureaux orgies with pedophile connotations.

Recognized by Nathalie W. Deceased.

Magda De Galan Ministry of Justice

De Gavre, lawyer and dean of the Bar Association in the pedophile circuit, defending Van der Elst in the process Haemers Jean Paul Dumont (also pedophile)

De Haan, Judge frees Nihoul in the scandal SOS Sahel

Minister Jean Luc Dehaene, you try, embezzlement. Responsible for the collapse of Dexia which was the manager, went to the modest sum of six hundred thousand euros.

Dehalu Sandrine Mons substitute king denied that they saw Maoloni grandparents to their grandchildren, Fiona and Milla. Followed in this by the judge Harvengt. Protectionism.

Jean Maurice Dehousse Charged 500,000 Belgian francs of Smap (alias Ethias) to intervene in a process in 2004.

Véronique Dehoux lawyer in Nivelles, born in 51, pedophile, wife of the notary Nassaux. Waterloo, organizes evenings with children at home.

De Graeve Felip collaborator Interior Minister Patrick Dewaele, called and reserved for children to $ 1,000 Moldovans night, office.

The minister was moved but rose in rank and replaced Van Rompuy when he was appointed to the EU.

De Gryse Claire magistrate in the case of Mirano, drug abuse, death of a son of magistrate overdose, declares that there is nothing on the seized videos, while the owner of the establishment filming customers with children in order to blackmail . Convicted of drug, not pedophilia.

Karel De Gucht (preferably Van Miert) pedophile magistrate, currently at the European Community level problems of finance. Seen along the Dutroux bis Dossier. Seen at the Hilton with Bouhouche, Goal, Philippe Moureaux, Wilfried Martens, Vanden Boeynants, Willy de Clerck, Jean Michel Nihoul.

Delchevalerie Eric, director of Namur prison, pedophile. When he was director of the prison of Andenne, Alexandre Varga committed suicide (?)

(He had attacked a van of money, loot has not been found. Then he killed his rival.) Coincidence? He refuses to put himself to Loriaux in a cell with Marc Dutroux

Judge Guy Delvoie Brussels, hosted by the pedophile pedophile Karel de Gucht, Judge .. Involved in the Fortis case, protected by diplomatic immunity. Ex-law of Patrick Dewael. It is he who has authority over Mireille Salmon, Schurmans Christine and Paul Blondeel, judges and advisers of the Fortis case.

Dejemeppe Benoît, judge and / or prosecutor involved in the Institut Bazaar, brothel Haemers band. Suffocates the case. Takes a moment the case Van Hees. Denied. Then came the case Loubna Benaissa Derochette victim.

This Bazaar Institute received phone calls from the Federation of Catholic Scouts, the ONE, an association of parents of children with autism, a school for the deaf, probably IRSA, the secretariat of the administration of physical education, sports and outdoor life (association found in the castle Karaziwan), a number of doctors and a number of embassies. Pedophile sector. Friend pedophile Raymond Desmet consular judge. Both the non-profit association SAJ "Autrement" also pedophilia. Inusop prosecutor that he trusts the first substitute Cambier.

Marc Verwilghen, the new Minister of Justice and his substitute Dejemeppe researcher found the Baets in 1996 for the murder of the champignonnière and made him understand that he should not stick your nose in this case. Also the case of the suicide of Count Yann de Meeus of Argenteuil in 1999 that left a list of 29 names of pedophiles, of which seven persons would be mentioned during the Dutroux case. Dejemeppe and two substitutes, an attorney, the gendarmerie commander Alain Lemasson, Prince Alexandre of Belgium and the Austrian princess Stéphanie of Windisch-Graetz.

De Jonghe d'Ardoye brother Louis Baudouin, Ballets Roses

Bruno De Jonghe d'Ardoye Optimistan administrator. Sect.

Marc Brassine of attorney general in the System

Judge Pierre Delcourt youth in Brussels, JM sabotages the record about their daughter Kaninda placed automatically by the SPJ

Delplace Thomas, administrator of the Ecole du Merveilleux Vander Elst

Renaud Delplanche attorney in Mons, Paula Trybou husband, attorney, substitute attorney fee Court of Mons, Mons juvenile judge, president of the Rotary Mons Officer of the Order of the Crown, of the Order of Leopold , reserve officer. He was said pedocriminal. Systematically sets free all predators.

Philippe Deleuze, lawyer, acknowledges having been driven to accept certain advantages of the system, when Eburons School. Van Espen brother worked in the cabinet of fellow lawyer Bouty Nihoul.

Nihoul financed his election campaign, PSC. Pedophile inclinations. Arrested for embezzlement and fraud at the Caisse des Prêts Post (NT: Public Loan Fund).

The sketch of the assailant Marie France Botte resembles it. President of the Mont de Piété (NT: Monte de Piedad), misappropriation, disqualified as a lawyer after Lefort case. Trainee as Ferri, pedophile. Sado-masochism material discovered in his home.

Olivier Deleuze, Secretary of State for environment protection Vincent Georis. (Satanic pedophilia) would have been his counselor. In the system.

Anne de Ligne, vice president of Optimisan - wife of Olivier de Mortgat of Boulogne Billancourt, daughter of Antoine and Alix de Bourbon Luxembourg

Bruno Delvaux, Dean of Biological Engineering UCL, honorary member of IRSA. In the system

Guy Delvoie, counselor at the Court of Appeal in Brussels, president who led the judges involved in Fortisgate, born in the 47 accused pedophile by X2, frequents Leroy, Karel de Gucht, Jean Paul Dumont. He became a judge of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Pedophile.

Demanet tax Georges in Mons, covers Dutroux and consort. In the system

Demaret Michel, former mayor of Brussels, Eburons in 1988/1989 school participating in acts of pedophilia - Nihoul financed his election campaign. Quoted in cases of embezzlement. Deceased. Pedophile.

Demolin Maurice, first ruler of Grace Hollogne, born in 42, pedophile, unknown to the police.

Alexandre de Merode, Prince, pedophile, black masses, human sacrifices, eat human flesh.

De Merode Simon, Prince, founder Sté Optimistan, sect.

Christophe Demeyer Castle Faulx purchase the Tombe in July 1990, 27 million and a nursing home for 25 million! The complaint calls pedophile. Would traffic with Thailand - to verify. -

Denayer, head of the PJ (Judicial Police) of Namur in the course of violations of children from one home to Verviers via a castle belonging to an association (also in Verviers). In the system.

Denis Patrick, police judicial police since 1986, he attended Eindhoven Castle, one of his friends is a transvestite named Roxanne. Pedophilia, trafficking (trafficking). Her friend called Carine (X2?) 84. At the same time it is he who should have been monitoring the Castle Dongelberg (Opus Dei) and had a list of all members. Death threats.

De Pauw Charly promoter in furniture, Pinon involved in the case, the murderers of Brabant, Circle of Nations and Lorraine Circle. Pinon cassette repurchase 140 million. Villa near Overijse. Born in the 20th, he died at 84, nicknamed Charly. Pedophilia and trafficking. VDB friend, shenanigans in construction.

De Pauw, son of precedent, graft and embezzlement. He has organized his own kidnapping, demanding ransom his father from his own weight in gold. Is he who receives the Legion of Honor of the French ambassador?

De Pauw Charly grandson Charles De Pauw. Developer but traffic on the TVA and charged

Heidi De Pauw, same family, having been director of an organization that defends prostitutes (trafficking). Director of Child Focus. Very controversial.

Depauw study TEMSE network studio in Utrecht, kids movies. Still running.

Catherine De Pauw Optimistan administrator In connection with the foregoing?

Penne, neurologist, signs the certificate of Veronica D. murdered by the network but officially dead of cancer Vlaeminck. Cover networks, but all part of them. Pedophile.

De Prelle of Yves Nieppe, magistrate in Nivelles, pedophile, haunting Castle Eindhoven, born in 51, known X2

Depretre Jean, fiscal, pedophile. At first take orders it seems threatening to disconnect the apparatus that kept alive their daughter Anne Marie in Bordet, she was a student of the NLL. Often it intervenes to quell issues people involved in pedophile networks. It is part of Opus Dei. It addresses to hide the files, such as Colruyt record.

Deridder Gendarmerie General recommends, at the time of the disappearance of Julie and Melissa, and after giving Dutroux fax suspicion, let it run to "come up higher". Protectionism

Baudouin Dernicourt RHL send a report on the finances of Dutroux and asserts that nothing can prove that had collected money because of this traffic. It is also he who destroyed the investigation file Witness X1! Protectionism.

Joseph De Saeger Minister of Mechelen, any hearing or persecution because of his immunity. Involved in pedophilia

Luc De Schrijver born 46 pedophile doctor, false death certificate for Dubrulle Véronique, St Vincent Hospital Ghent

Georges Désir, denounced pedophile minister twice. Your smigo Woluwé St Lambert, a friend of d'Olivier Maingain it says about him, "knows probe the kidneys and hearts." It will be promoted in Interpol in Lyon to create a European police.

Marc Desmedt, First President (?)

Raymond Desmet born in '34, consular former judge of the Commercial Court of Brussels, a great friend of JP Dumont, pedophile - Visit to Raemaekers in prison to ask him to shut up by a reduced .... great friend of Benoit Dejemeppe it. Both are in the asbl (NT: non-profit association) SAJ "Autrement" (pedophilia)

Desmette Brussels court judge, innocent Zicot fake that freed his informant Dohy said.

Judge Bernard De Visscher Forest peace, died, guest of the evening Serge Moureaux Castle Faulx les Tombes. Pedophile. Atrébates regular customer and Dolo. He had been chief of staff Damseaux. Closely linked to Nihoul.

De Vlaeminck, neuropsychiatrist, signs the death of Véronique D. network of Nihoul, who supposedly died of cancer, but was murdered. Neuro Penner (NT: neuropsychiatrist, neurologist or neuropsychologist) firm with him. Network mask. Pedophile.

Devodder Monique, Police Chief publicly ridiculed in "In the name of the law" Dubois speaking her network, rumors talking. In the system.

Butler Devoegelaer Amerois Castle. Pedophile

De Vos Delegate for Children's Rights, former educator, Islamist ULB (NT: ULB: Free University of Brussels) has gone through certain places (youth centers) where they have been accomplished problems of pedophilia. He worked two years to "Doctors Without Borders" founded by Kouchner (in the system). He has repeatedly denied deal with Fiona and Milla Antonini small-Maoloni. Puts pictures of children on their pages. In the system.

Nadia Vroede replacement of Attorney General of the Court of Appeals, a specialist in child abductions. Totally biased in Bitton / Georis matter. He pleaded in favor of Vincent Georis with whom he had worked. We did return to service of Melchior Wathelet. It has engineered the Dutroux affair denying the pedophile rings. In the system. Appointed to the Supreme Judicial Council.

Luc De Waele born in 45 pedophile doctor fake death certificate of Dubrulle Véronique, pedophile

Patrick Dewaele former interior minister covers the sabotage of the matter Zandvoort. Frees criminals Geel-Cipal network on the order of a Moldavian child to $ 1,000 an evening. Resigns after reaching the highest function of the kingdom after the king, as President (NT was prime minister from 2003 to 2007) is part of the Parliamentary Commission Dutroux / Nihoul Research. House (NT: In the original "chambre" chamber or room). Pedophile and / or the system. Appointed Minister of State, husband of Marleen Van Doren

Elio Di Rupo Minister of National Education under Guy Spitaels in 1992, now Prime Minister, buff young children, caught in flagrante delicto with young boys in his car in August 1989. Quoted in 1996. Denounced as alleged child molester, classified record "secret". Actually the matter was mounted Marneffe to destabilize the Dutroux and his researchers record. (?) Several frequented by Di Rupo of places, among which was that of Liege Grafé. Lodged a complaint with the Court of Cassation, the Minister Fischer declared that will not be given effect to the file Rulens also denounced by Jean Michel. He paid between 3 and 5,000 Belgian francs for fellatio. He has abused Rulens, Serge Pasquet, David Maugnée, Didier Geuens (deceased), Michael Vaillant and other minors.

He went home to Roger Ekers (notorious pedophile and trafficking) accompanied by a young man. O youth marched with Di Rupo. Denounced by Dehogne. A time had a lover, Rubens Nicolas de Limelette. Guy protects Focant notorious pedophile. Which had denounced one month before the públicamente.En accuse Marnette 1992 regular customer of gay evenings in Vaudeville Sunday afternoon, accompanied by young people aged 16 to 18 years. He paid in cocaine and restaurant.

It would have frequented the hotel spa with youth served by Guy Focant.

Valmont haunted castle located 3 km from the home of Michèle Martin where otherwise had a car accident during a journey. Haunted castle Forchies la Marche. Guy Spitaels, Belgian former minister, will be involved with Di Rupo for acts of pedophilia to 90/91, anonymous tip. A recent 4 year old problem in a restaurant.

Di Rupo Neveu Regular Mafioso Castle Forchies La Marche.

Denounced by a pedophile former involving Di Rupo, Spitaels, the former secretary Michel Lebrun. Girls are brought to Di Rupo's office by a woman in a sports car.

European Commission Jean Paul Dondelinger invited by Serge Moureaux orgies with pedophile connotations. His "beloved" Josette R. Collignon committee

Martine DOUTREWE Coroner for Julie and Melissa, going on vacation and will not be replaced when she was ill. Her husband was charged in 1995 for embezzlement of € million. No information PDC. Probably protectionism.

Pau l pedophile Jean Dumont, born in 52, lawyer Philippe Nihoul and Deleuze, child molester, a member of Cepic, a member of Opus Dei, a friend of Wolf Michel and Philippe room. It has defended the case Nihoul SOS Sahel and made him free. Pedophile, orgies - Regina Louf - killings of children, Friend Of Raemackers - frequents Castle Eindhoven - comes from Liceo Molière, swarming with pedophiles, teachers and some students also pedophiles. Deceased (at the time of an orgy with his friend De Cléty). He was president of Uccle, director of planning, municipal councilor, deputy regional PSC. X2 I also knew of Eindhoven.

It dealt with the Bande records Nivelles, of Borains, Bouhouche, Dessy, Front de la Jeunesse, and WNP Paul Latinus, Haemers, Nihoul, Raemackers, Boas, scandals military, accused of CRIES. Legal Adviser to the baron of Bonvoisin. His wife is Isabelle Dierxsens. Great friend of Clement of Cléty lawyer.

Interior Minister Antoine Duquesne, appointed Minister of State. He is quoted in many cases it would have bordered accused employees and / or protection to Taveirne. I do not clean. Pedophilia possibility.

Judge grants Charleroi Dussaussix releases material change Hi Fi. Dutroux protector in return?

Duterme Chief Jean Luc Wavre gendarmerie stood by its researchers working on sensitive issues extreme right. Murderers of Brabant and Ballets Roses and, at the request of Jean Deprêtre, magistrate. If no pedophile, threatened.

Dutroux Released in 1992 by Melchior Wathelet ministerial order.

He has traveled through Thailand (Rosoor and traffic). When was domiciled in Goutroux street Ferrer, he received at home to children in foster care. He has been recognized twice by an abused child - Satanist circle, if not in Tournai Valence, is not very clear in the statement. 4 Open in charge between 1981 and 1996. Nearly 12,000 records cassettes found at the end of this record (including bis) and none out in the judgment!

You see how many suspects are the many, ranging from judges to politicians, businessmen etc.

The theme of Cd Zandvoort: This is a CD that was made public in the 90s. There were more than 8,000 photos of children pederast product of extensive plot. In this CD he had contained about Marc Dutroux case and other cases of Belgium and Holland. Sending these CDs to the police in the Netherlands and police identified to more than 472 children. In 1999 it was concluded that there were no evidence that this had to do with the plot of pederast and in 2003 the Paris prosecutor shelved the matter.

If we look at the whole issue Zandvoort clearly see that they could not enter into the matter because it involved names of powerful people, with ramifications for police, judicial and political level.

Here we are going to show those involved, the dome of the Marc Dutroux case, as was also implicated the CIA, the Vatican and Opus Dei.

Here as you can see you are in the court record, with the number "07-13 ISGP".

You see this Belgian dome was active since the 70s and 80s. Let's go explaining who is who in this dome.

In the M group

We met a group of soldiers who cover the most powerful.

In group G is the Belgian police, who is also covering the guilty, and the group of street gangsters.


In 1997, Regina reported that Louf Katrien de Cuyper had been taken to a castle and was killed by a group of individuals that included Nihoul. Mic hel Nihoul was a key figure in the Dutroux case. According to a witness called Regina Louf, a girl named Veronique was tortured to death with a knife in a "feast of abuse" while Michel Nihoul was present. The investigation into the death of Veronica was closed in early 1997.

The sinister cover of Marc Dutroux. At trial the witness described several orgies he had attended in his youth in detail and named a prominent Belgian businessman Jean-Michel Nihoul, as the main organizer. She had also seen the young Dutroux there. He described the house in detail and a murder that had been at a party of "sex slaves". In 1984, Dutroux claimed from the beginning that he was not acting alone, saying that Nihoul was the real "brains" of the operation. The authorities were determined not to believe him. This is how a reporter from the Observer, who made an excellent article in 2002, he described his encounter with Nihoul before his arrest: "During the course of our meal, apparently jokingly grabbed me, tickling, and finally put me stand over him in the restaurant until I had to appeal to my colleagues to rescued me. " He had appeared saying he was the "monster of Belgium". A playful monster, in other words. "He had everything but the state dared to process it," he told the BBC, "claiming that he is beyond the reach of the law because it has information that, if made public, tumbaría the government and the entire state." Nihoul in custody confessed that "organized an orgy in a castle Belgium, attended by several government officials, police officers and a former European Commissioner." Complete removal of Connerotte, the network went to work to discredit the testimony of Regina Louf. As mentioned, Louf had provided details of a murder he witnessed at a party attended by Dutroux and Nihoul.

For 12 years the unsolved murder of Van Hees was gathering dust in the archives of Brussels under the direction of Judge Van Espen. Two years ago, a Belgian journalist reveals the close relationship between Van Espen and Nihoul and his then wife. As a lawyer, Van Espen had represented the woman Nihoul. Van Espen's sister was the godmother of the son of Nihoul. However, when these two Louf accused of the murder, Van Espen saw no conflict of interest and no reason to give up. Nor he was dismissed, as if it had been Connerotte. Instead, he was allowed to give orders to the police officers to remain off the case. Van Espen only he resigned by order of the judge in charge of investigating the mushroom factory in early 1998 after his relationship with Nihoul was exposed. A strange coincidence, is not it ?. No wonder it was so important to discredit Regina Louf, as she had evidence that not only connected to Dutroux with Nihoul, but also very prominent judicial officials Nihoul. Behind the scenes, the assassination of potential witnesses was also taking place. Publicly the cause of death was all declared "suicide". Things take a rather macabre turn when it turns out to Nihoul's dentist died of "suicide". The "Monster of Belgium" Nihoul, he fell just five years. He must have been thrilled. That means that at the end of the year, he'll be with us again.

1986 Paul Vanden Boeynants (left) and Baron de Bonvoisin (right), the two pillars of the fascist subversion in Belgium in 1970 and 1980. Both have been charged with child abuse, and 'Murder -Tortura. The driver and confidante Vanden Boeynants, who is also accused said that he "understands" that Nihoul was the "right hand" of Bonvoisin (PV 39.027) .Nihoul Vanden Boeynants certainly knew about and was very active in the political party " VdB "and" BdB "ran the PSC, with its fascist CEPIC think tank.

Vanden Boeynants was charged with X1, X3 and X4 to be a violent abuser of children I a person involved in hunting in children (210). Nathalie W. claimed to have seen Vanden Boeynants of Dolo (211), the favorite club of Nihoul, while X2 testified that he had been deprived driver Vanden Boeynants' there, Henri Bil, talking to one of the most famous gangsters of Belgium, Madani Bouhouche ( 212). X1 has recognized both as Bouhouche Bil as child molesters (213). On a lesser note, Vanden Boeynants' also appeared in the file of Pinon in 1980 (214) and Maud Sarr tv testimony in February 1990 (215), in which his name appeared next to a gendarme generally trained by the DEA with which once ran an operation of massive importation of drugs (216). Both Pinon and Maud Sarr cases were about a prostitution ring in which children were used to blackmail senior officials. X1 and X2 Bonvoisin mentioned as one of the most sadistic abusers network (217). One of her sisters married Count Herve d'Ursel (218), which has been accused by the X1 participation in the network snuff and ritual abuse (219). Her other sister is married to Bernard de Merode mentioned above, a family of connected intelligence who has been accused of child molestation and Satanism by X4 and Nathalie W. (220) X2 have been mentioned in a meeting organized by her pimp, to which de Merode, Bonvoisin d'Ursel and families were present, along with the Prince and Princess of Chimay (221). According X2, organized hunts for children in the forest of Chateau de Chimay (222).

It could be a surprise, but Belgium is a place rich in history conspiracy. In the last 20 years, a lot of pages have been devoted to reports on the high-level participation in planning coups, false flag operations, networks of prostitution, pedophilia and drug trafficking. Officially, all individual scandals had nothing to do with each other and, above all, had nothing to do with tansfondo. Actually, this fascist undertone is key to understanding the full version of events.

A good way to start the story is with the political Paul Vanden Boeynants, who represented the Parti Social Chrétien (PSC) in Parliament from 1949 to 1979 In 1961, Vanden Boeynants became chairman of the PSC, and from 1966 to 1968 was first Minister of Belgium. From 1972 to 1978 he was Minister of Defense of Belgium, followed in 1979 with another short term as prime ministro.No was nothing "social" in the ideas Vanden Boeynants', however. While being educated by the Jesuits in the 1930s, he became a prominent supporter of Leon Degrelle, leader of the fascist Rex. Although not joined the collaboration during the Second World War, Vanden Boeynants sought contact with the Flemish-nationalists in the 1940s, at the time still a movement that was severely persecuted for having worked with the Nazis

In 1949, Vanden Boeynants, along with connected intelligence, pro-colonialist journalist Jo Gerard, create the Recovery Committee of the PSC, which proved a success: Vanden Boeynants and Gerard did best players in the new party PSC. While these two men revived the PSC also conducted a campaign of Red-scare, reflection of Senator Joseph McCarthy in the US .. In 1955, Vanden Boeynants created a group of experts in the PSC to neutralize their union wing. Around this time, he met the intelligence connected aristocrat Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin, who also became active in the PSC.

During the following decades Paul Vanden Boeynants and Baron of Bonvoisin became pillars of the fascist resistance in Belgium. Organizations founded later were named who had played a key role in the effort to destabilize Belgium, with the aim of bringing a stronger government more effectively could counter the "subversion of the KGB" of unions and parties leftist politicians. These operations were planned at least since 1972 (223) and continued at least until the middle of 1980. A brief timeline follows:

• In 1969, Vanden Boeynants established the Cercle des Nations with several of his political allies, including the Baron de Bonvoisin and Paul Vankerkhoven (Secretary General Otto von Habsburg and CEDI Alfredo Sanchez Bella, founder of the Belgian branch of WACL, Also in 1969). Cercle des Nations was a private aristocratic club, which began with 80 members, who were mostly monarchists, anti-communist, pro-NATO, pro-European integration stalwarts and very fascist. Examples of fascist trends include the April 1970 Cercle reception in honor of the fascist colonels who ruled Greece, 01 1976 Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the dictatorship of Papa Doc of Haiti, and the continued support of its magazine for apartheid in Africa, and the dictatorships of Pinochet, Franco and Salazar. The Cercle has been linked to organized crime and one of its most prominent members have been accused of child abuse and murder of children. Think, for example, the Baron de Bonvoisin, Paul Vanden Boeynants, Jean-Paul Dumont, Count d'Ursel Herve, Roger Boas, Charly De Pauw, Guy Mathot, Ado Blaton, General Rene Bats, Philippe Cryns and family de Merode . (224).

• In 1971, Paul Vanden Boeynants, funded by Baron de Bonvoisin, established Nouvel Europe Magazine (NEM). Around this magazine they have organized a series of NEM-Clubs where fascist militants could be found.

• In 1972, Vanden Boeynants Bonvoisin and they founded the CEPIC, a think tank representing a renewed underground to neutralize the leftist elements within his party PSC effort. Vankerkhoven once again was one of the co-founders.

• In 1973, NEM fascist clubs founded their own militant paramilitary group: Youth Front (FJ). Francis Dossogne a paid adviser Baron de Bonvoisin, was appointed head of FJ

• The Public Information Office (PIO), a group of private joint-military intelligence led by Commander Jean-Marie Bougerol, was founded in 1974 was a member of SDRA8 Bougerol-the heart of the Belgian stay-behind Network- which specialized in combat and sabotage, skydiving and maritime operations. He ordered the head of the Youth Front, Francisco Dossogne. Vanden Boeynants and Baron de Bonvoisin had been responsible for the appointment of Bougerol and often could be found at the headquarters of IOP. To show how fascist was actually traveled Bougerol CEPIC director Bernard Mercier to Spain in 1975 for the funeral of Franco. (225).

• In 1977, PIO hired Paul Latinus (226), a Nazi who in turn had been recruited by the Defense Intelligence Agency US (DIA) in 1967 and later was trained by NATO (227). His career was boosted by letters from several directors CEPIC (228) .In 1978, Latin became a member of the Youth Front and in 1981, after the activities of the Front were exposed, he was given the Dossogne permission to create another Nazi militia: the Westland New security Post.Jefe WNP became the fascist murderer Marcel Barbier (229), an employee of Wackenhut (230).

A section within the Youth Front was called the G Group, and consisted only of gendarmerie officers. Registered members of this group were Paul Latino, Nazi; recruited by the DIA in 1967, 17 years of age; trained by NATO; reserve lieutenant in the Air Force; paid informant of state security; recruited as an intelligence agent in 1977 IOP; recommended everywhere by the leadership CEPIC; member of Youth Front; founder Westland New Post (WNP) in 1981; He named as one of the leaders of Group G; committed suicide in 1984), commander Leon Francois (CID invited by the US Army in 1969, educated by the DEA, received by President Nixon, Secretary of the International Drug Control Association, founded National Gendarmerie Office on Drugs (NBD) in the period from 1972 to 1975 with Paul "VdB" Vanden Boeynants and support of the CIA, and became the first head of NBD, always present at the border when a new large shipment of marijuana and cocaine Company VdB is smuggled into Belgium, and member of the subversive and fascist group T leader, along with the DEA agent Frank Eaton, provided that the head of the CIA in Belgium with intelligence on leftists and other dissidents groups; accused in 1990 by prostitute Maud Sarr of having participated in orgies with minors, along with Paul Vanden Boeynants and Jean Depretre (both accused by other sources), one of his successors in the NBD generally Beaurir was also accused of pedophilia and also part of the circle CEPIC), DEA agent Frank Eaton (his friend, the pilot and DEA agent Jean-Francois Buslik, was tied with his friend Madani Bouhouche to a series of murders), Lekeu Martial, Bernard DEVILLET ( former gendarme officer and friend of Lekeu; agent of the judicial police; protected by Reyniers, Dejemeppe Marnette and as soon as he was questioned about his participation in the G Group) and Didier MIEVIS (BOB officer who recruited for Dossogne Youth Front, present at the training camps FJ) was part .group G the most extensive operation to infiltrate and subvert the Belgian State. Similar cells are compartmentalized in the Army, the Free University of Brussels (ULB), the Royal Military Academy, the Mobile Legion, the Special Intervention Squadron (Diana Group), the section of narcotics BOB and various other branches of the Gendarmerie . Very little information is available about these groups. (231)

In addition to its efforts to infiltrate the police and the military, the Youth Front also organized training camps in the Ardenas.Fascistas as Jean-Francis Calmette (they joined the OAS terrorist who tried to assassinate De Gaulle and destabilize Algeria, self defense instructor of recruits Diana Group; director of Wackenhut Belgium until 1981, head of security of the annual dance of the PSC in 1980, led by Paul Vanden Boeynants at the time ;. member Westland New Post), the local director Wackenhut, who later also recruited Barbier, were instructors in these camps

Fascist Vanden Boeynants network of Bonvoisin and his associates had carefully constructed had to absorb a severe blow in May 1981 when excerpts from a confidential memorandum of State Security were published by De Morgen. The note explains the role of CEPIC, specifically Baron Jean Bonvoisin and Bougerol, were promoting a fascist undertone in Belgium. (..)

Founder and treasurer CEPIC Baron de Bonvoisin also had its share of intelligence connections. As mentioned, Francis Dossogne and Youth Front were completely dependent on their money. In late 1975 or early 1976, he organized a meeting of Bonvoisin in his castle where leading fascist militants from Belgium, Italy, France, Britain and Spain gathered together (255). As Mercier and Vanden Boeynants of Bonvoisin regularly could be found in the headquarters of IOP. Moreover, his good friend and security consultant Andre Moyen, who supported his campaign against X-Dossiers, which used to be an important stay-behind (256) network player. De Bonvoisin has not only stated that he worked with US intelligence, Paul Vanden Boeynants and above (Roman General) great Jean Bougerol in the fight against Soviet subversion, but that his American friends were largely responsible for his archenemy, the fascist state security chief to resign.

Juan Mendez January 7, 1986 Born in 1952 Murder fascist, gun lover, owned dozens of rifles and pistols. Arms Dealer Fabrique National (FJ) Peruvian whose predecessor fled from Belgium after he learned working for the CIA and was involved in illegal arms and drug trafficking. Participate with the fascist criminals since late 1970 and was tested to be introduced to the highest circles Bouhouche. Part group Bouhouche someday carry out a terror campaign against extortion stores. Asked several weeks before his assassination on Douglas Stowell connection with a wealthy American who was apparently working for or with the CIA in Iran-Contra. An MP5 submachine gun stolen from Diana Group was found in his home after he was killed. Almost certainly killed by Bouhouche Madani, who took to the Youth Front and the Westland New Post.

Paul Latinus

Nazi. Recruited by the DIA in 1967, 17 years old, trained by the OTAN.Teniente of booking with the Air Force. Paid informant of state security. Hired as PIO intelligence agent in 1977, which was controlled by Paul Vanden Boeynants and Baron de Bonvoisin. Recommended everywhere for the CEPIC address, including Paul Vanden Boeynants and Baron de Bonvoisin. Member Front de la Jeunesse, controlled by Baron de Bonvoisin. Founder Westland New Post (WNP) in 1981. Named one of the leaders of Group G was afraid he would be killed. He committed suicide in 1984 by hanging himself with a telephone cord that could hardly endure even half his weight.

Major orders were given Bougerol and leaders of mafia and fascist militias Dossogne Francis Paul Latinus.

"We know that [the fascist militant group] Westland New Post, under the leadership of Latinus continued to exist until 1984. And Dossogne [head of others, fascist subversive groups], Latinus received orders Jean Bougerol and intelligence group PIO, DAY if not directly (239).

Bouhouche had close ties with the WNP, headed by Paul Latinus (DIA; NATO; IOP; CEPIC; G Group leader, committed suicide), while the contact Ajjaz in the WNP was Latinus himself. From 1981 until Latinus committed suicide in 1984, EIM was in control of WNP .So no wonder Ajjaz also appears linked to the EIM by ARI. Ajjaz at the time claimed to be a journalist working for AFP. Actually, he seems to have been a Syrian in close contact with the Saudi royal family and several terrorist groups in the Middle East. Ajjaz has been accused of working with Count Carl Armfelt a CIA agent and member WACL closely with Vanden Boeynants and Bonvoisin in military supplies high-tech Israel, Libanon, Libya, Iraq, the PLO, IRA ETA, mobsters and militant groups in Belgium and Sweden. Other accusations include Armfelt he played a major role in creating the stay-behind CIA network in Scandinavia and in the Netherlands he participated in planning the backlash against Suriname Desi Bouterse.

• In 1973, fascists NMS clubs founded their own militant paramilitary group, the Youth Front (FJ). Francis Dossogne a paid adviser Baron de Bonvoisin, was appointed head of FJ

Major Bougerol and BONVOISIN, according to a confidential report of the district gendarmerie Wavre date August 14, 1985 (photocopy in the appendix), were very close to Jean VIOLET lawyer, a member of the secret services of France and the Vatican, and near the SAC and the Lodge P2. This is confirmed by reading parts.

Photocopies of Godbille Report

A. Record of VILLEGAS ... and of BONVOISIN, where it seems that at the request of Bougerol, VIOLET was introduced by Bougerol of BONVOISIN (cf. PDG file) ".

• Godbille did much more here than confirms the closeness of Violet De Bonvoisin.En First, he repeated previous claims that Violet was an agent of senior Vatican. He also stated that Violet was not only involved in the management of the fascist mafia of Belgium, which was supervised largely by Bougerol of Bonvoisin and Vanden Boeynants through its intelligence group IOP, but he was in contact with the Similar subversive elements in France (Service d'Action Civique, or SAC) and Italy (P2). Of course, those who have read the article on Le Cercle will find no surprises here. PIO and its successor, the European Institute of Directors com Cercle des Nations, have been linked to child abuse end. EIM had additional links to Wackenhut, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the rabidly anti-communist anti-communist cult of the Moon sect. The owner was a member of the club EIM 1001 Prince Bernhard. Like the Count Arnould de Briey, a civil servant who was married to the daughter of the Bilderberg co-founder Paul van Zeeland. President CEPIC 1977-1979 with Bonvoisin as treasurer.

Vatican-Paneuropa network: the struggle for Europe

Le Cercle and the struggle for Europe.

Private bridge between the Vatican and PanEuropean- and Anglo-American intelligence

November 18, 2006

It took about seven months, but finally made: a new article on Le Cercle. However, it is much more than Le Cercle. In the process of adding new names and greatly expand the biographies of the known members, it turned out that this group of "dark" intelligence was the key to the identification of what could be best described as the Vatican Paneuropa network.

Throughout Catholic Europe, from hard-right groups to outright fascist institutions. They have been created in the last 60 years institutions that are dominated by supporters, not only the Pan-European Union but also of Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta. Most people, especially in non-Catholic countries might think that the idea of ​​Pan-Europe died with Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in 1972 is not so. As discussed in this article, Otto von Habsburg assumed this effort with aristocrats like Count Hans Huyn (also of Le Cercle), Prince Carlo della Torre e Tasso, Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis, Nikolaus von Liechtenstein, Jakob Coudenhove-Kalergi and Valery Giscard d'Estaing, the latter being the original author of the recently rejected European Constitution. All these men are alive today and identify with the most reactionary elements in the Vatican: the Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta. These people (ie, the main leaders of this private network) have the idea of ​​using the EU one day reviving the Holy Roman Empire.

The central player in this entire network is Otto von Habsburg and together with its partners Opusianos Jean Antoine Pinay Violet and founded Le Cercle in the 1950s, one of the branches of this Vatican-Paneuropa network. At least, that's how things began to perform. Extremist in later years of the Cold War warriors US and the United Kingdom became more involved with Le Cercle. Many participants were already known by the anti-communist networks sponsored by the CIA in Europe. It is a long and complex history, so for more information is better than taking a look at this article .Make clicking the footnotes, which like many biographies have grown a little out of proportion. And I especially recommend the note no. 3. Failed to do a full article on the Synarchist movement of the Empire, so I just left of the basic information in there.

PS Le Cercle meets twice a year these days. One of these meetings is available in Europe, Middle East or North Africa. However, the other is organized in Washington, and looking at the list of known meetings, there is a good chance that the Cercle will meet here next month, most likely at the Madison Hotel. Journalists or anyone who lives in the neighborhood might want to try to find out more about this meeting.

Club 1001 1) newly added section to try to British foreign policy, its focus on raw materials, and the extreme measures taken to maintain apartheid in South Africa.

2) A series of biographies of Britons have been expanded and their images have added the following banks and corporations: A Charter, Rio Tinto, Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and BP, the British Corporation of Newfoundland, P & O shipping, the Bank of England, Barclays and Hambro.

3) Several names are (re) added, including Taxis, King Juan Carlos and Prince Henrik. The source of these names are mentioned and the relevant sections of this document can be read.

Sun Valley meetings Significant changes in wording. Some details about the ownership of J. Gordon Brown in the very aristocratic "Other Club". In this connection they are also expanded the list of Rothschild friends present at the annual meeting.

JASON Group all started with a little more detail in the laboratory of ideas that evolved from JASON, IDA, but eventually rewrote almost the entire article. The entire structure of research, advisory bodies and intelligence agencies that were created while Jason is a very important piece of history, dealing with the rise of the military-industrial complex. And for those who can recognize a number of names: I heard about this a while ago to make detailed biographies of alleged MJ-12 members and the people around them.

USAPs made significant changes in writing and added some information here and there.

Introduction 1) Extension of the part of the Vatican Paneuropa- network of Otto von Habsburg and Le Cercle, in opposition to the Anglo-American establishment that is the main subject of the article.

2) Added a more detailed description of the Privy Council (Privy Council.).

3) information confirming that the meeting in fighter George spoke in early 1990. In fact it was part of the elite network of United Nations Association was added. Note the similarity with the old defenders of apartheid in Le Cercle, as Lord Salisbury and Lord Julian Amery, and genocidal policies in South Africa described in the article on the 1001 Club.

Appendix A Added a number of institutes Vatican-lista.La PANEUROPA to improve the descriptions of the institutes on which if not sure they exist.

Alfredo Sanchez Bella

Alfredo Sanchez Bella (Tordesilos, Guadalajara, 1916 - † 1999) was a Spanish politician. He was Minister of Information and Tourism during the Franco dictatorship.

Lawyer and Doctor of Historical Sciences. During his time as an undergraduate, he devoted himself to journalism and was director of the Libertas and encouragement magazines. During the Civil War he fought in the Franco side. He fought in the First Flag Falange and then developed tasks of propaganda during the war, after directing several newspapers and radio stations. It was in the so-called Third Mola and was part of the 1st Company of broadcasting

Among the positions held include: Deputy Secretary of the Superior Council for Scientific Research (1940-1941); Director of the Institute of Hispanic Culture (1946-1956); Ambassador of Spain in the Dominican Republic (1957-1959), Colombia (1959-1962) and Italy (1962-1969), and Minister of Information and Tourism (October 1969 to June 1973).

As a minister, he ordered the closure of the newspaper Madrid, maintained and even intensified censorship of books and received from his predecessor, Manuel Fraga, the task of coordinating the Cabinet Liaison, interministerial body that sought to centralize information than the dictatorship called "subversive elements" inside and outside Spain.

He closed the daily level - which sought to direct the journalist Manuel Martin Ferrand- after it left the street her first and only number.

In 1947 he traveled to Buenos Aires as principal Delegate of Spain in the first Congress of Editors of Latin America, Spain and Portugal. His presence was very controversial, since Spain was the only country that refused to vote the resolution in favor of freedom of expression and against censorship. At the opening ceremony, many of these were absent during his speech because of his criticism of intellectuals in exile in Argentina.

He was also a founding member of the European Documentation and Information Centre, a club that brought together ultraconservative Christian intellectuals of various European states mobilized against the threat posed to Marxism Christian civilization.

He also held the positions of secretary general of the International Organisation of Pax Romana Catholic University, president of the Diocesan Catholic Action Youth, Madrid, and deputy secretary of the Federation of Catholic Students. Numerary member of Opus Dei

Alfredo Sanchez Bella, founder of the Belgian branch of WACL, also in 1969). Cercle des Nations was a private aristocratic club, started with about 80 members, who were mostly monarchists, strongly anti-communist, pro-NATO, pro-European and the very fascist integration. Examples of fascist tendencies of the Cercle includes reception in honor of the fascist colonels who ruled Greece in April 1970, the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the dictatorship of Papa Doc of Haiti in January 1076, and the continued support of its magazine to apartheid in South Africa, and the dictatorships of Pinochet, Franco and Salazar [add to this list Mobutu]. The Cercle has been linked to organized crime and one of its most prominent members have been accused of child abuse and murder of children. Think, for example, the Baron de Bonvoisin, Paul Vanden Boeynants, Jean-Paul Dumont, Count d'Ursel Herve, Roger Boas, Charly De Pauw, Guy Mathot, Ado Blaton, General René Bats, Philippe Cryns and family de Merode . ...

Jacques G. Jonet

Baron Jacques G. Jonet - Belgian lawyer ultra-conservative anti-communist fascist; Political Secretary of Otto von Habsburg; President o / t Belgian-French holding company Média Participations

Jacques was there many years Editons CEO of Lombard, Brussels has reference to cartoons. But it was and it was in that condition and action as I knew him as a fighter and militant Catholic values, conservative - or rather traditionalist - anti-Communists, etc., etc. We joined some "wars" of the Cold War (which were friends significant "routier" the first year of this period, Brian Crozier) and still others try to find synergies with the "African" example. Jacques was consistent, courageous, religious, with a great sense of humor and friendship. Your code of life had a lot to do with the rules of chivalry, be faithful to God, to fight the good fight, defend the weak, to put in place the arrogant and other types of criminals. Although not very popular customs today, he was not worried about this. And I also. God receives and relive the day of the Last one Páscoa.PNAM

Interestingly, [Jean] Violet [founder of the international supergroup intelligence Cercle Pinay] is known for being a member of the Cercle des Nations ... It is probably no surprise then to learn that most, if not all, of these men, including Violet, He belonged to Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta (261). It is also known that Violet, Jonet Vankerkhoven and worked closely with Otto von Habsburg (262) ".

In 1959, Otto received the Knight Grand Cross of Honour and Devotion of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta with the Cross of Honorary Member. Secretary Otto, Jacques G. Jonet, is named as co-founder low profile ultraconservative / pro-fascist groups European integration as the Order of the Oak, the European Institute for Peace and Security (STPS), the Société Internationale de Wilton Park (Wilton Park conferences), and Cercle des Nations.

The network of the Habsburgs in this table is a reference to the central role of this person in the creation and management what this author. It was-labeling the "Vatican-Paneuropa network." In addition to the national sections of Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta in Belgium this network consisted of organizations such as the Movement of Action for the European Union (MAUE) Development Institute Europeen, Europeene Academy of Political Science, Order Encina, the International League Liberte (WACL) and the Circle of Nations. All agencies overlapping membership and connected to each other, equally reactionary organizations throughout Catholic Europe. One of the largest branches in this extreme anticommunist is privatized, the intelligence oriented, focus group Le Cercle, All that for more than 50 years has brought together people connected to questionable intelligence agencies in Europe and the United States (including the Casey Colby and CIA chiefs, respectively, of the Knights of Malta and Opus Dei). It was created by the French Prime Minister Antoine Pinay and intelligence agent of the fascist Jean Violet in the 1950 Otto von Habsburg acted as a sponsor of Violet. (259)

Interestingly, Violet is known to-have-been a member of the Circle of Nations, gathered here with men like Baron de Bonvoisin, Paul Vanden Boeynants Paul Vankerkhoven, family de Merode, the lawyer Jacques Jonet and other radical anti-communists (260). There is probably no surprise then to learn that most, if not all, of these men, including Violet, belonged to Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta (261). It is also known Jonet Purple Vankerkhoven and worked closely with Otto von Habsburg (262).

Opus Dei has created more in Belgium a story of conspiracy. Official Bob and Guy Gerard Bihay Dussart briefed congressional investigators during a closed session that had ended the game. They provided information for two nobles belonging to Opus Dei. These two officials reported that at least nine members of Opus Dei were involved in a plan to subvert the Belgian State. After several meetings with the conspirators intermediaries, all were included by General Fernand Beaurir gendarmerie accused of incest and pedophilia. And Paul Vanden Boeynants, have assumed Dongelberg Castle, a withdrawal of Opus Dei (263). Interestingly, in 1996, both X2 (264) and Nathalie W. (265) Dongelberg mentioned in their testimony, referring to the castle as a place where they were the old glories, ie, children abused by members of the network. X4 has stated that members of Opus Dei had beens among its most sadistic clients (266).

224] *) 1990 Hugo Gijsels, 'De Bende & Co. - destabilizering 20 jaar in België' ('The Gang & Co. - 20 years of destabilization in Belgium "), p 177-179." Several authors and noted that There intermediaries. The exercise interesting similarity of ideas and people Such agencies are CEPIC the Order of the Oak, WACL and the Order of Malta [not to mention Opus Dei] In. early 1970 the leading figures of these organizations regularly puts others at the headquarters of the Cercle des Nations ... Paul Vanden Boeynants, Jo Gerard, Paul Vankerkhoven, and Jacques Vincent Vanden Bossche Jonet interacted there with a wide range of individuals and the Prince Francois de Merode, the French lawyer Jean Violet [founder and head of the Cercle Pinay], Richard van Wijck, Benoit de Bonvoisin and many others. Founded in 1969 by Paul Vankerkhoven, the Cercle des Nations soon became the turntable where the figures of the nobility and rightist businessmen and politicians might like to vent their anti-democratic and neo-Nazi sympathies without restraint. So the circle was organized in April 1970 with the reception in honor of the Greek Colonels, a celebraciónque caused serious incidents between the Progressive Students ULB [college across the street] and participants of the reception. The same scenario could be seen in January 1976 when the circle considered necessary - the initiative of Paul to celebrate the tenth birthday Vankerkhoven- of the dictatorship of Papa Doc Duvalier in Haiti.

Fan magazine, owned by Baron van Adelin Yperseel of Strihou, later absorbed by Richard van Wijck acted as the official publication of the Circle of Nations. In the 1970s he gave himself writing in the lyrical reports on the Greek colonels, apartheid in South Africa and the white minority government in Rhodesia. Even Paul Vankerkhoven published an exclusive interview to the "Fan" with his idol Pinochet that year. While in the 1970s both in Flanders and Wallonia being white is a fluke, crafted by former colonialists, soldiers, policemen and leaders of the extreme right to establish authoritarian state for years, the aristocracy of the Cercle sympathizes openly with the dictatorships of Franco in Spain, Salazar in Portugal and Pinochet in Chile.

The Belgian department WACL, then more than now-pursued a career virulent right-wing in its fullness in the halls of the Circle, under the direction of Paul and Baron van Vankerkh Adelin Yperseel of Strihou oven. The political climate in the circle and WACL, then practically identical. While the Circle organizes receptions of the most vicious dictatorships WACL directors invite dictators like Somoza, Stroessner and Pinochet in their ranks and opens the door to enter the Nazis, including bodies and death squads in Argentina Lopez Rega.

The interesting connection intermediaries CEPIC the Cercle des Nations and WACL has only one reason: the three agencies are led by figures which most are members who maintain good relations with the Order of the Oak (Ordre du Rouvre) and the Order of Malta. "

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